HOTBODIES Windscreen GP Smoke Kawasaki N250Fi N300

IDR 1.500.000
IDR 1.500.000
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HOTBODIES Windscreen GP Smoke Kawasaki N250Fi N300  (51303-1601)

Hotbodies Racing is very excited about the all new Kawasaki Ninja 300 and our stunning new windscreens. This is the perfect motorcycle for any entry level rider or hard core enthusiast and this windscreen defines the already sporty look. This must have accessory adds the shape of speed to your urban street weapon by accentuating the sleek lines. Obtaining this race bike look will definitely turn heads and add value to your prize machine.

Motorcycle Windscreens from Hotbodies Racing, are shaped to out-perform the competition! By employing a pressure and vacuum formed method, and using optically correct high-tech modified acrylic, these screens are considered the best on the market.

Tested and proven in the World Superbike and SuperSport Championships. These screens are extremely flexible and can endure great impact while also providing scratch resistance allowing for a long lasting, shiny motorcycle windscreen. All Hotbodies Racing motorcycle windscreens are CNC trimmed and have a flame polished edge to reflect Hotbodies’ expertise in industrial design.


  • No modifications necessary.
  • Uses stock hardware.
  • Made in the USA!